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Wide application of clean room cranes

2022-03-01 03:08 click:467

The clean room crane is a special crane that prevents dust from being generated when assembling, carrying heavy objects, and maintaining equipment in a clean room, and ensures the largest working area in a limited space. In addition to the fact that clean room technology cannot generate dust, due to the great differences in hygiene in different industries, many fields (such as food industry, pharmaceutical, medical technology, aerospace, semiconductor industry, clean room) have proposed strict hygiene for corresponding equipment and cranes. Require.

food industry
The equipment used in the food industry must not contaminate the products; in addition, the equipment and systems in the food industry must be cleaned regularly, and the spray of cleaning agents may contact crane parts. To ensure that parts or particles are not removed and enter the food, the crane needs to have a higher protection level; food The production or processing of some products in the industry is sometimes perishable, and crane failure may cause delays or stoppages, so cranes must have high availability;
Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology
The cranes used in medical technology must not contaminate the product under any circumstances.
The aerospace industry is one of the industries with the highest and most stringent safety requirements. Work and assembly areas require a high level of hygiene control.
Semiconductor Industry
Cleanroom cranes cannot contaminate products for material handling and equipment maintenance.