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The crane turning machine is sold and customized by the factory

2022-03-28 03:36 click:177
The crane turning machine is sold and customized by the factory. The driving turning machine can be divided into a chain turning machine and a belt turning machine according to the different spreaders used. The turning machine we produce is used with the driving. The middle spacing can be adjusted! The crane turning machine can adapt to the engineering turning requirements of different specifications of goods, and provide process transportation safely, smoothly and effectively. Dongguan driving turning machine is widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, mold, paper, refrigeration, steel belt, reel, barrel, coil and other industries. The equipment uses a 380V three-phase power supply, turn on the power supply when in use, and operate the remote control to test whether the action is normal. When the object is rotating, the quick joint of the hoisting belt should be rotated to the upper part of the front to prevent the joint from being squeezed into the inside of the sheave. Before the hoisting is turned over, the hoisting object should be tested to see whether the hoisted object is hoisted in balance, and if it is unbalanced, it should be adjusted to the best balance position. So as not to cause the hoisting object to tilt and slip. Long-term hoisting and flipping - When an irregular object is to be hoisted and flipped, the length of the chain should be customized according to the shape of the object (the two hoisting belts can be of different lengths), but the object must be kept balanced before it can be hoisted and flipped.
The frame turning machine is known from the structure of the frame turning machine. The lifting and lowering of the suspension beam adopts a conventional mechanical method, that is, two electric hoists are used to connect and hoist. The use requires that the two suspension ends can be synchronized, ascending and descending, so that the beam can run in a balanced and stable manner. Although the synchronous operation here does not require high control accuracy, it must be able to meet the requirements of the synchronous working conditions used! The 3-ton turning machine is an indispensable turning machine mechanism for workshop production!