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Use of KBK flexible crane in clean room

2022-07-21 01:47 click:302
KBK crane, as a light crane, is composed of KBK standard parts; KBK track can effectively ensure the stability of the equipment, which has an important impact on the   normal and stable operation of the crane. So what should we pay attention to when using KBK flexible crane in clean room? Let's explain it for you:
kbk  flexible  crane
1. Clean the surface before use. When using the clean room flexible crane, we should pay attention to it. Before using it, we should ensure that the surface is wiped clean, so as to avoid the problem of scratch.
2. Avoid serious bumps. However, during the use of KBK crane in clean room, we should try our best to be careful and avoid serious collision, otherwise it is easy to affect the accuracy.
3. Clean it after use. After using KBK flexible rail crane, if it is not cleaned properly, it is likely to have some corrosion problems and reduce the service life of the tools; Therefore, after use, wipe it clean and apply anti rust oil to prevent rusting.