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Desktop wire rope hoist

2019-08-15 01:58 click:659

The desktop wire rope hoist is a wire rope hoist produced by Taiwan technical standards, so it is called a desktop electric hoist. It is like the name of a European electric hoist. The technical standards are different. The overall performance of the hoist is also different. Crane hoist has a series of advantages, compared to domestic hoist, some performance is better than domestic electric hoist.
The desktop hoist has:
Light weight, small clearance size, maximizing space
The technical design guarantees the optimal size of the product, and the steel structure is compact, maximizing the size of the hoist.
Reduce plant height requirements while reducing customer investment costs
Precise positioning, high operating efficiency and improved logistics efficiency
The powerful high-quality hoisting drive mechanism ensures the safety and efficiency of the work, improves the logistics handling efficiency of the workshop, and ensures the customer's construction time requirements. The compact steel structure design ensures the minimum offset size of the hook.