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Confortune Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and service provider of cranes and material handling products. KFCS CRANE from China, serving customers around the world, focusing on material hoist system solutions. We focus on providing safe and efficient injection materials industry works to improve the quality of transportation services for domestic and international corporate clients top excellent, systems engineering engineering consulting, equipment planning, overall material solutions. With our excellent sales team, advanced technology, professional services and support from the international top companies, we will aspire to become the leading provider of materials to enhance the delivery of integrated services with suppliers.

Clean room overhead crane

KFCS CRANE material handling products mainly include clean room cranes, intelligent cranes, suspended turners, jib cranes, DRS wheel block system, light and small cranes, electric hoists, etc. and various special lifting equipment, which are widely used in medical, food, semiconductor, Equipment manufacturing, papermaking, automobiles and ships, metal processing and other fields.

We absorbing, we ease our products to draw in outside expertise of various products, we offer the best design for you, in an efficient technical and economic indicators scheduled for your unique crane. KFCS CRANE - Your trusted material hoist system experts!

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