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5 Ton Clean Room Overhead Crane for Construction

2022-02-25 04:25 click:755
5 Ton Clean Room Overhead Crane for Construction
Compact design within the clean workshop space is always difficult to maintain and clean.Our driving design by adopting the advanced design idea of modularization, the compact structure near limit of hoist and trolley.From driving the overall height between the top to the bottom of the hook and compact to perfection, but still can lifting and regular size, a bigger car lifting the same weight.Clever design for parts make the car from different direction lifting height same load, provides the most ideal for driving and operating personnel work space.Using the above driving scheme, the scope of the crane lifting and transport the goods will be able to reach every corner of the clean workshop.Lifting precise wei hua heavy machinery co., LTD., henan clean room production design electric hoist smooth and precise operation to ensure the parts avoid vibration and wave itself or the environment.Even if it stopped in mid-air, sophisticated drive technology guarantee for the full control of the goods.Safety of redundant communication control system makes the safe equipment operation.Very low torque design and high strength structure ensures our equipment excellent performance is consistent.
In view of the corresponding risk in the clean room, pastoral field group, every time a high security measures to ensure the reliability of hoisting equipment.We according to the requirements of strict and standard is to ensure that customers enjoy the most safety performance.In can meet the strict requirements of all types of dust-free clean room environment, animal husbandry field clean room electric hoist can be used in strict, precision instrument workshop, electronic workshop, food and pharmaceutical workshop, and other dedicated dustproof workshop crane.
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