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Cleanroom KBK Suspended Crane

2022-03-16 04:27 click:742

The clean room KBK suspension crane is a kind of suspension crane used in the clean room. The rails can move with each other. The clean suspension crane is used for small tonnage material handling! In order not to affect the operation, the clean suspension crane is a perfect choice when a working area does not allow any supporting structure. The crane system required a roof structure that was strong enough to safely support the crane load. Customers can install multiple main beams on a set of fixed rails to clean the hoist, which greatly improves the production efficiency. This type of product is a steel structure with a lifting capacity of 75-2000kg, and the total length of the main beam can reach 10m. The enclosed rails are designed to handle only one third of the force compared to conventional beam cranes. The truss rails are designed for larger spans and more flexibility in installation layout.

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