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Intelligent Assisted Hoist Sales

2022-03-21 04:04 click:789
The intelligent auxiliary hoist is also called the intelligent hoist. The intelligent hoist is divided into a main engine, a spring wire assembly and a coaxial sliding handle. It is composed of a servo driver, a servo motor, a reducer, a sensor and a main control board. It mainly provides accurate Power and signal processing required for control, lift. The composition of the handle includes a handle control board, a display board, a handle slip ring, a differential sensor, an infrared sensor, and the like. The handle is the main interface between the operator and the lifting equipment. The user controls the lifting and lowering of the equipment through the handle, and simultaneously obtains the corresponding information on the display screen. The handle can be selected according to different station requirements, such as infinitely variable handle, remote installation sliding handle and H360 slip ring, etc.
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