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Load turning device can adapt to different requirements origin China

2020-10-21 04:08 click:543
The load tunring device can adapt to the engineering turning requirements of goods of different specifications, providing safe, stable and effective process transportation. It is widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, mold, papermaking, cold storage, steel belt, wire reel, barrel material, coil material and other industries.
1. Frame  load turner
The frame load turning device adopts a fixed clamp to connect with the frame, and the motor and the fixed clamp are mainly used for ring-shaped sling movement, thereby driving the chassis to flip. The main features of the frame type turning machine are: ①The fixed fixture is used to connect the chassis, and some products connected by the fixture need to be solidified; ②The loop sling is shorter, which makes the height of the turning mechanism lower; ③The turning belt does not directly contact the chassis and has a longer service life; ④Suitable for short-wheelbase vehicles, the chassis of long-wheelbase vehicles is prone to bend after turning; ⑤The impact of the turning process is small.
2. Belt load turnrer
The turning mechanism drives the turning belt to achieve the purpose of turning the chassis. The belt turning machine is mainly suitable for light truck production. Its main features are: ①The belt turning product has good adaptability, and the belt suspension points are mainly distributed near the front and rear axles; ②Because the belt is in direct contact with the chassis, the belt life is short; The impact of the turning process is greater, and the safety risk is higher; ④The height of the turning machine from the ground is short.
Can be customized accoding to your needs.