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Load turning devices to avoid accidental injuries

2022-01-04 03:33 click:659
Large workpieces need to be turned over during the loading process, so the design of special load turning units according to the structural characteristics of non-large workpieces brings great convenience to the operator, which greatly improves production efficiency while ensuring safe production. It can be seen that the turning equipment is an indispensable special equipment for mass production and transportation of large workpieces.
Rotation of bulky and heavy workpieces is often very hazardous and bears considerable risks. Improper rotating operations result in high risks of accidents: When falling down, the workpiece may be damaged and personal injury may occur in the worst case.
KFCS load turning devices solve this problem: Bulky workpieces can be turned and rotated safely and smoothly. The workpiece can be stopped in any position for being inspected and reworked. The operator controls the rotating operation from a safe distance using a radio remote control.
load turning units are widely used in various industries such as metallurgy, machinery, steel, oil fields, docks, ocean transportation, electric power, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, railways, aviation, and military industries.
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