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Polyurethane coated wheel polyurethane rubber wheel using casting or molding process

2021-01-06 03:11 click:683
Polyurethane coated wheels
  Polyurethane rubber wheel adopts casting or moulding process to coat a layer of polyurethane elastomer on the steel wheel core and adhere firmly to the metal frame. In view of the excellent physical properties of polyurethane elastomer itself, wear resistance, tear resistance, extreme cutting resistance, high stability, while maintaining good safety; oil resistance (3-5 times that of nitrile rubber), Wear resistance (5 times that of natural rubber), good toughness, strong adhesion and other characteristics, large load-bearing capacity, high strength, high elastic modulus under high hardness, excellent rolling resistance can maintain a high battery life Its advantage is that other materials are irreplaceable, and it can be used to manufacture rubber wheels widely used in various transmission mechanisms.
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