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Sheet turning machine

2021-12-23 02:34 click:737
The plate turning machine is a turning equipment that enters the blanks of the left and right parts such as the side wall of the automobile in the stamping workshop before entering the stamping in the automobile manufacturing.
The structural characteristics of the plate turning machine: the turning machine is composed of four parts, which are the horizontal turning device, the turning device, the hydraulic clamping device and the electrical control system. The turning machine is suitable for steel structure pallets. Stacking materials and pallets are loaded by forklifts (pallets are not evenly placed on the stacking materials), and one-side feeding is adopted. When the forklifts deliver the materials to the workbench, the workbench is under the action of hydraulic cylinders. The workpiece is pressed tightly, but after the workpiece is turned 180° by the C-frame (turning device), the frame starts to rotate 180° horizontally, so that the C-frame rotates to the original position, the hydraulic system releases the worktable, and the forklift connects the sheet material again. go. Because the turning machine adopts one-side blanking, it occupies a small area and is convenient for the logistics management of the workshop.
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