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Veterinary drug production clean room cranes

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Veterinary drug production clean room workshop crane

Clean facilities in clean workshops for veterinary drug production
1. The entrances and exits of personnel and materials entering and leaving different clean and dust-free workshops should be set separately. Materials that are likely to cause pollution (such as toxic and harmful materials, wastes in production, etc.) should be provided with entrances and exits. The entrance of personnel and materials into the clean room (area) shall have their own clean room and facilities.
2. Only necessary process equipment and facilities should be set up in the clean room. The area used for production and storage shall not be used as a passage for persons or materials outside the area.
3. The elevators for inputting personnel and materials should be set up separately. Elevators should not be located in clean rooms. When it is necessary to set up due to technological requirements, a buffer room or other measures to ensure that the air cleanliness of the clean area is not affected should be set up in front of the elevator entrance and exit.
4. Safety exits should be set up in each clean area of ​​each production floor of the veterinary drug production clean workshop. Generally, one should be set up in the opposite direction. When the area is small or the number of people is small, one can be set up according to the "Code for Fire Protection of Architectural Design".
5. The opening direction of the door in the clean area, the door and the safety door in the same direction should be opened outwards, and the rest of the doors should be opened in the direction of high pressure.
6. Clean rooms with explosion-proof requirements should be set up in accordance with relevant regulations.
7. People net measures and flow of people. The layout of personal purification (referred to as personal purification) on the plane of the production area includes changing clothes (including shoes), washing and buffering.
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