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Design Features of Modular Wheel Block System

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The modular wheel block program is utilized in crane, trolley, and system building, as well as in custom applications and special constructions. There are eight different sizes of the wheel block available, accommodating wheel loads ranging from 5,00 kg to 40,000 kg.

modular wheel block with flange on one side

The traveling wheel block is a versatile device that can be mounted in various ways to suit different needs. It comes in custom versions for exceptional situations. You can improve the safety of your system by adding optional guide rollers or a derailment protection device. If you need an explosion-proof version, you can choose from the wheel block programme that is available for zones 1, 2, 21, and 22.

Unique Features of Modular Wheel Block System

1. Enclosed modular design, free of Maintenance for the whole life;

2. Material: nodular cast iron steel, or 42CrMo;

3. Wheel is of self-lubrication, wear proof; the design life is 10 years;

4. the modular box is of large load capacity, light running sound;

5. the spline hub connects to the geared box~~compact design, reasonable design;

6. Modular design, complete traveling solution & accessories, greatly simplifying customer's design cost & time for their traveling mechanism.

heavy duty traveling drive wheel

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