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Precautions for operation of crawler load turning device

2022-07-19 01:38 click:998
Crawler overturning crane is a kind of load turning device that uses a strong and wear-resistant special crawler to drive machinery to overturn the workpiece under the operation of the hoist! Please pay attention to the following points when turning the workpiece by the load turning device:
load turning device
1. According to the shape, quality, structural characteristics of the overturned object and the requirements for the overturning degree, combined with the specific conditions such as the lifting capacity of the on-site lifting equipment, determine a safe and reasonable overturning lifting scheme.
2. Correctly estimating the quality and center of gravity position of the overturned object and correctly selecting the hanging point of the object are the key to ensure the safe and smooth completion of the object overturning process.
3. According to the determined object turnover scheme, correctly bind the overturned object and select the appropriate lifting point.
4. The operation methods and procedures must be skilled, and the cooperation of all institutions must be coordinated.
5. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the object turnover operation, attention should also be paid during the object turnover operation: the safety of the following operators should not be endangered when the object is overturned; When overturning, it shall not cause impact and vibration to the bridge crane; It is not allowed to collide with other equipment and objects in the turnover area; Do not collide with overturned objects.
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