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Cleanroom Cranes for Pharmaceutical Workshop

2024-05-07 08:41 click:126

Last week, KFCS have delivered sets of cleanroom cranes in pharmaceutical industry. These cleanroom cranes helps handling and moving equipment in cleanrooms. Now the overall working status, including the moving and handling are in good condition. Please check following details for further information.

A pharmaceutical workshop features a cleanroom environment with controlled air quality, temperature, and humidity. It includes HVAC systems for proper air circulation, sterile processing areas, specialized equipment for formulation and manufacturing, quality control and testing facilities, process validation and documentation, safety measures, and compliance with regulatory standards. These features ensure the production of pharmaceutical products in a controlled, sterile, and compliant environment.

2t cleanroom crane before cleanroom installation

KFCS have finished two cleanroom cranes, which have 2 ton capacity, to pharmaceutical industry. You may notice that the cleanroom construction is not completed yet, so do you know why the crane installation go first? 

Firstly, crane installation before the cleanroom construction ensures a coordination activity. By installing the cleanroom crane beforehand, it allows for better coordination between the crane installation process and the construction of cleanrooms. This ensures that the crane installation does not interfere with or disrupt the construction activities. And the installed cranes can help the pharmaceutical equipment handling later.

Secondly, Accessibility: Installing the cleanroom crane early allows for easier access to the installation area. Once the cleanrooms are constructed, access to the crane installation site may become more challenging due to limited space or restricted entry points.

cleanroom crane for equipment moving

Thirdly, Efficiency: Installing the cleanroom crane before the cleanrooms are built allows for efficient and uninterrupted progress of the overall project. It enables other construction activities to take place simultaneously, reducing the overall project timeline.

All the design and installation are customized based on the onsite environment and actual use. Interested in lifting solution? Contact KFCS professional team to learn more.

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