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Clean Room KBK Light Suspension Crane

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The clean room KBK light suspension crane adopts a lightweight modular design, which is flexible and scalable and can meet the lifting needs of different working areas in the clean room. It is mainly composed of KBK suspension track system, electric hoist, suspension device and control system. The KBK suspension track system is made of aluminum alloy material, which is lightweight, high-strength and corrosion-resistant. The electric hoist is suspended on the KBK track through a suspension device, which can realize the lifting and lateral movement of goods. The control system is used to control the operation and stop of the crane and provide safety protection functions.

KBK suspension crane


  ● Made of lightweight materials, it has a simple and compact structure and takes up little space, making it suitable for use in small spaces in clean rooms.

  ● The system is equipped with an electric chain hoist, a KBK trolley and a KBK electric trolley traveling drive device, which has a long working life, is trouble-free and maintenance-free.

  ● Using electric control, the operation is simple and flexible, and it can achieve precise lifting and suspension operations.

  ● All electrical connections are plug-in design, the start and speed switch limits are integrated in the control card, and the DC motor starts and brakes smoothly.

  ● The flexible swing rail suspension device can effectively absorb the horizontal impact load caused by the crane when starting and braking, and can be easily installed in a light steel structure factory building.

  ● The maintenance of the crane is simple and convenient, and it is easy to clean and repair, reducing maintenance costs and work downtime.

Operation precautions:

  ● Operators must undergo specialized training and hold relevant operating certificates.

  ● Before operation, it is necessary to check whether the various safety devices of the crane are working properly, such as limit switches, overload protection devices, etc.

  ● During the operation, the operation should be strictly carried out in accordance with the operating procedures, and the crane must not be overloaded to avoid safety accidents.

  ● When hanging a lifting object, it is necessary to ensure that the hanging point is firm and reliable to prevent the lifting object from slipping or falling.

  ● Operators should maintain good communication and coordination to ensure smooth and accurate operation of the crane.

  ● After the operation is completed, return the crane to its position in time and perform necessary maintenance work to keep the crane in good condition.

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