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Enterprise's goal

KFCS CRANE - to do a world-class clean space to enhance the solution leader!

The spirit of enterprise

People - oriented sustainable development

Professional, focused, quality, service

World quality, integrated services

Business philosophy

We not only provide products, but also provide overall strength based on the overall system solutions

  ● Understand the customer's industry and its needs;

  ● To provide customers with the best products use program;

  ● To make our customers feel that our products and services value for money;

  ● All aspects of our work to upgrade to a high level of specialization, and strive to improve the quality, never compromise on the quality of products;

  ● Innovation, rapid response to changes in the outside world, through research, technology and the continuous development of our professional skills, personal skills to improve our services;

  ● Absorb, develop and train the best people, improve their job satisfaction and pay appropriate financial compensation;

  ● Work together as a team to improve the integration of team services;

KFCS CRANE Advantage:

  1. From Europe, design technology, components standardization, modular, more compact product structure, the work of small blind, high utilization of space.

  2. Lighter weight, wheel pressure is smaller, less space occupied plant, plant steel structure greatly reduce the load-bearing requirements. Such as the plant design stage to take into account this factor, can greatly reduce the plant's investment costs.

  3. In addition to the use of more advanced design, the core components imported or imported brands in Europe, making the equipment failure rate is very low, greatly reducing the cost of operation later, but also effectively avoid the adverse effects caused by equipment downtime.

  4. Energy saving, power smaller.

  5. The design of equipment, long life, making the equipment out of the cycle of growth, to avoid the production capacity and waste of resources.

  6. User-friendly design, beautiful and easier to operate.

  7. Specificity, for the characteristics of different industries, so targeted configuration adjustments, making the equipment more specific.

  8. A high degree of intelligence, leading the crane industry trends.”

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