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1 ton clean room crane factory supplier

2022-03-22 02:56 click:412
1 ton clean room crane factory supplier, factory customized clean crane system for clean room. The clean room crane is a professional special model that prevents dust from occurring when the heavy objects are transported by the crane inside and outside the clean room, and can make use of the limited space inside and outside the room to ensure the maximum use of the space. In order to prevent dust from occurring, stainless steel plates are laid on the running surface of the wheels. At the same time, the materials of the wheels and guide wheels are made of engineering plastics. For the hoisting chain, a sheath device is used to prevent the scattering of tiny flakes. In food processing, special materials, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, medical, aerospace, military and other industries, some production links require a clean production environment, and absolutely no leakage of lubricants, metal chips, dust, paint scratches is allowed , metal rust and other pollution. For these special occasions, Confossen has specially developed clean cranes and dust-free cranes. The cleanliness level can reach static level 100 and dynamic level 1000. Its technology and quality are in the leading position in the world. It provides a reliable guarantee for the logistics transportation of various clean workshops.
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