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Jib Crane for Lithium Battery Automatic Assembly Line

2023-08-25 15:13 click:707

Lightweight cranes, such as jib cranes and workstation cranes, are specifically designed for installation and adjustment of equipment in energy storage pack production lines. They feature characteristics such as easy operation, strong flexibility, and lightweight, allowing for convenient suspension, movement, and adjustment of equipment. 

Lithium Battery Assembly Line Workshop

1. Module Lifting: Light weight lifting equipment can be used for lifting and installation of modules. Energy storage modules are typically large and heavy equipment, so jib cranes and overhead crane are ideal equipments for quick and safe installation in the corresponding positions, improving production efficiency.

2. Cable connection: Cable connections are usually required within energy storage module, and light crane can be used to construct and maintain the wiring connection system. Meanwhile, jib crane and portable gantry crane provides necessary height and overhead support, enabling workers to conveniently preform wiring connections.

Jib crane for Automatic Assembly Line

3. Maintenance and Repair: Energy storage modules require regular maintenance and repair. A jib crane can be used too extract of place modules within the equipment, facilitating necessary maintenance and repair work.

4. Movement and Adjustment: The position of energy storage modules may require adjustment or movement from one location to another. A lightweight lifting equipment can assist in these operations. Cantilever jib crane provides high-quality suspension and movement mechanisms to accurately move or adjust the position of the modules.

Cantilever jib cranes typically use mechanical or electric lifting devices that can be adjusted in height and angle according to specific needs. Safety lock mechanisms ensure stability and safety during suspension and movement processes. The application of lightweight lifting equipment can enhance production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure safety and quality.

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