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KFCS clean room cranes

2022-03-29 02:52 click:874
KFCS clean room cranes can meet the strictest hygienic requirements and dust-free operation while performing lifting functions. Fully sealed design, special surface treatment and special anti-static coating not only can effectively prevent it from producing pollution particles, but also can prevent adsorbing  external pollution particles.
Cleanroom Cranes
In workplaces where maintaining high levels of hygiene is important, Weihua cleanroom cranes are often an advantageous lifting solution.cross travel and crane long travel were all operated via a handheld radio remote control.
Features of KFCS cleanroom cranes                                                   
When producing cranes for cleanroom environments KUNFENG can provide a series of additional design features:
A reduced number of surfaces and components compared with regular designs
No hidden/internal running surfaces which are difficult to clean
Dry lubricant on hoist chain or rope
Special paint or powder coating
Enclosed conductor system, cable festoon or energy chain system for power feeds
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