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A centralized drive load turning crane

2022-04-02 04:30 click:768

A centralized drive load turning crane, comprising two parallel main beams with end beams at both ends respectively, two vertical rails fixed vertically downward on the main beam of a bridge frame, and spreader legs are arranged between the two vertical rails , The main beam of the spreader is fixed between the two spreader legs, and the main beam of the spreader is installed with a wrench device and an adjustment device for connecting the chain. Install the flip assembly, and install a three-in-one centralized drive device on the rear side of the mid-span position of the main beam. The three-in-one centralized drive device is connected to the beams at both ends through a shaft connection and a universal coupling. The advantages are: adopting the centralized drive form solves the problem that the two sets of carts run out of synchronization, improves the running stability of the crane, saves the cost of the whole machine, and reduces the difficulty of installation and debugging; the utility model has a simple structure and reliable operation. Low cost, easy to install and debug, to achieve reliable hoisting, smooth operation and safe dismantling and closing of molds.

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