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A mechanical hoisting and load turning crane

2022-04-02 04:36 click:742

A mechanical hoisting and load turning crane, comprising two parallel main beams and a crane bridge frame composed of two end beams, a lifting bracket is fixedly installed at the mid-span position of the two main beams, and a three-in-one-hoisting drive is installed on the lifting bracket. The hoisting mechanism composed of the device, the drum coupling, the coil and the steel wire rope, the main beam is fixed vertically downward with two vertical rails, the two vertical rails are provided with sling legs, and the two sling legs are fixed between the two vertical rails. A spreader main beam is installed, and a spreader pulley and a wrench device are installed on the spreader main beam.
The advantages are: the lifting method adopts steel wire rope to lift, which makes the structure low cost and reduces the processing accuracy.
And installation and debugging difficulty, daily maintenance is simple, performance is guaranteed. The structure is centrally driven by a three-in-one lifting drive device, which can act simultaneously to ensure the hoisting stability, turning stability and hoisting accuracy of the aerated concrete: soil mold.
The mechanical hoisting and load turning crane belongs to the field of hoisting machinery, in particular to a mechanical hoisting and turning crane specially used for hoisting and transporting an aerated concrete production line.
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