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Advantages of cable protective sleeve in submarine environment

2020-08-19 10:45 click:754
As my country's demand for energy is increasing, the development of offshore oil and gas and offshore wind power is also rapidly increasing.As an important medium for power transmission, submarine cables are essential for safety and reliability during use.In the harsh submarine environment, the protective sleeve on the rocky seabed, pipeline/cable intersections and other locations provides excellent wear resistance and impact resistance for the umbilical cord, and provides environmental protection.
      Polyurethane cable protection design has been verified in offshore oil and gas and can be used for similar applications;
      Optimized, using segmented design, easy to transport and install on deck;
      Easily expand and install using tried and tested industry methods;
      Suitable for J-tube or single pile without modification;
      No need for divers and no submarine installation;
      High-quality corrosion-resistant materials and coatings;
      Cost-effective design and materials.
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