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Aerospace 100-class cleanliness and dust-free crane

2021-12-21 01:59 click:346
The aerospace class 100 cleanliness dust-free crane is a kind of clean crane equipment used in the environment of dust-free workshops. The crane industry in my country is developing rapidly, and people’s requirements for cranes are getting higher and higher, not only for basic lifting and handling. Function, but also to meet the specific strict working environment. With the development of electronics, aviation, precision machinery, pharmaceuticals, food and other industries and the continuous improvement of their requirements for air cleanliness, air purification technology has developed rapidly, and dust-free workshops have emerged. According to the cleanliness level, it is divided into one hundred, thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand, etc., and it is also divided into A, B, C, D, etc.
Features of clean single-beam cranes:
1. Clean and wear-resistant, no dust, no dust, anti-static design
2. Low failure rate and high operational reliability
3. Wide debugging range and precise positioning
4. Maximize the use of space
5. Smooth operation, beautiful appearance, long service life