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Load Turning Device for Marine Engine Manufacturing

2024-05-09 14:30 click:202

In the marine industry, load turning devices have emerged as vital tools for enhancing efficiency and precision. As a specialized equipment for heavy parts rotation, load turning machine play a crucial role in many engine manufacturing process, including the assembly, welding, fabrication, inspection, and testing processes. With their robust construction, precise control, and safety features, load turning devices streamline operations, ensuring optimal alignment and reducing the risk of damage. 

8t load beam rotator

Applications in the Process of Marine Parts Fabrication

Load turning devices offer numerous benefits in the marine engine manufacturing process:

Engine Assembly: Load turning devices facilitate the precise positioning and alignment of heavy engine components like marine engines, cylinder heads, crankshafts, and engine blocks during the assembly process. This ensures accurate fitment and reduces the chances of errors or damage.

Welding and Fabrication: Load turning devices enable controlled rotation, allowing welders and fabricators to access all angles and perform accurate welds on engine components. The ability to manipulate components enhances the structural integrity and overall quality of the finished product.

Inspection and Testing: Load turning devices provide easy access to different areas of engine components for thorough inspections and testing procedures. This ensures that all components meet stringent quality standards before integration into the final product.

load turning units

Technical Information

Capacity: Up to 40 tons

Speed: 3 m/min (standard)

Control: Wired or Remote control

Safety: Various sensors

Design: On request 


OHS regulations

EN standards

CE certificated 

In order to bring the ship crafts in a balanced position for the turning process, both driving units can easily be moved by finger tip. This ensures a safe turning process but also helps to easily assemble both box halves on top of each other.

KFCS load turning device with ropes contributes to enhanced maneuverability and safety during material handling operations. Our experience ensures that your projects are done correctly and with the highest professionalism.

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