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Aerospace hoisting and dust-free driving

2022-01-05 03:36 click:590
The aerospace hoisting and dust-free crane is a material lifting system used in dust-free purification workshops. Kunfeng Heavy Industry has more than ten years of experience in the production and research and development of clean and dust-free cranes. The clean room and dust-free cranes are specially used in industries with strict requirements for cleanliness. Use clean room, biological clean room. The clean room is also a special clean room, which usually requires a high degree of cleanliness and does not allow a large amount of dust. The interior is generally based on white tone.
The specific 100-class clean room cranes, clean room cranes, clean room cranes, clean room cranes, clean room aerial cranes and other crane equipment that need to be used in material handling in the 100-class standard clean room clean workshop are based on It is developed and produced under the special requirements of the clean room to meet the cleanliness requirements of the clean room.
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