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Annual inspection process of Europe type crane

2022-07-18 02:23 click:861
Europe type crane with a rated load of less than 3T do not need to participate in the annual inspection, and those with a rated load of 3T or more need to participate in the annual inspection. Generally, the first annual inspection interval is two years, and then every two years.
Europe type crane
Europe type crane manufacturers explain the annual inspection process of Europe type crane:
The annual inspection process of Europe type crane shall be applied for by the Department with inspection qualification one month in advance; Submit the Europe type crane annual inspection self inspection report, which needs to be stamped with the official seal of the user and maintenance unit, and the inspection content cannot be less than the inspection items specified in the regulations.
Register and pay fees, and cooperate with the inspection department for annual inspection. If there are problems that need to be rectified, the crane user shall rectify according to the rectification opinions within the specified time, and report to the inspection department for filing, and apply for a qualified inspection report.
Through the annual inspection of European cranes, hidden dangers are eliminated and the performance of equipment is improved, so as to ensure the safety of operators and reduce accidents
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