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Application of KBK Light Suspension Crane in Clean Room

2023-12-05 16:09 click:409

KBK light suspension crane is a light lifting equipment usually used in clean room environment. A clean room is a very demanding special environment used to control the quantity and quality of particles, microorganisms and other contaminants in the air during production processes.

KBK light suspension crane

Application of KBK light suspension crane in clean room:

  ● Material handling and storage: Material handling and storage in clean rooms are common tasks. Light suspension cranes can be used to move materials such as raw materials, finished products, tools, etc. from one location to another or store them in a designated area. It can provide precise positioning and control to ensure the safety and accuracy of materials.

  ● Equipment installation and maintenance: In a clean room, various equipment and machines need to be installed and maintained. Lightweight suspension cranes can be used to move equipment from one location to another and perform precise installation and adjustment. It can provide stable lifting capacity and ensure safe installation and maintenance of equipment.

  ● Cleaning and Disinfection: Clean rooms need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the environment. Lightweight suspension cranes can be used to carry cleaning tools, disinfectants, etc. to areas that need cleaning. It provides precise positioning and control to facilitate cleaning and disinfection operations.

  ● Sample Handling and Experimental Operations: When conducting experiments and sample handling in clean rooms, light suspension cranes can be used to transfer samples from one location to another, or to place them in experimental equipment. It can provide precise positioning and control to ensure accurate sample processing and smooth experimental operations.


  ● It has simple structure, convenient operation, and easy maintenance and upkeep.

  ● The track-type design can make full use of space and reduce the floor space.

  ● Using an electric hoist as the lifting mechanism can easily transport various materials and improve production efficiency.

  ● Suitable for various environments, including clean rooms, outdoors and other places.

  ● Adopt advanced safety technology, such as overload protection, broken rope protection, etc., to ensure safe and reliable operation.

In short, when choosing a KBK light suspension crane, you need to comprehensively consider the actual needs and choose the appropriate model and brand to ensure that materials can be transported efficiently and safely in the clean room.

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