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Automobile and truck chassis turning machines

2021-12-28 02:36 click:685
Automobile and truck chassis turning machines are mainly composed of lifting mechanism, turning mechanism and electrical system. Its main structure types can be divided into frame type turning machine, belt type turning machine, chain type turning machine, chain belt type turning machine and so on.
1. Frame type turning machine
The frame type turning machine adopts a fixed clamp to connect with the frame, and the motor and the fixed clamp are mainly used for ring-shaped sling movement, thereby driving the chassis to flip. The main features of the frame type turning machine are: ①Use a fixed fixture to connect the chassis, and some products connected by the fixture need to be solidified; ②The loop sling is shorter, which makes the height of the turning mechanism lower; ③The turning belt does not directly contact the chassis and has a longer service life; ④Suitable for short-wheelbase vehicles, the chassis of long-wheelbase vehicles is prone to bending after being turned over; ⑤The impact is small during the smooth turning process.
2. Belt type turning machine
The turning mechanism drives the turning belt to achieve the purpose of turning the chassis. The belt turning machine is mainly suitable for light truck production. Its main features are: ①The belt turning product has good adaptability, and the belt suspension points are mainly distributed near the front and rear axles; ②Because the belt is in direct contact with the chassis, the belt life is shorter; ③ The impact of the turning process is greater, and the safety risk is higher; ④The height of the turning machine from the ground is short.
3. Chain type turning machine
The chain type turning machine is similar to the belt type turning machine, except that a chain is used instead of the turning belt. Compared with the belt type turning machine, the chain is a rigid structure, which is easy to damage the appearance and parts of the chassis. Therefore, when the chain type turning machine is used, protective measures are added to the chain turning section. At present, the most widely used turning machine in major domestic heavy-duty truck manufacturers is the chain turning machine. The turning mechanism drives the drive chain to run. The drive chain is an open chain with hooks at both ends connected to the turning belt.
4. Chain belt type turning machine
Chain belt type turnover machine turnover process: chassis in place → install turnover belt → adjust turnover belt position → lift the chassis → chassis turnover → place the chassis → remove the turnover belt → turn the turnover machine and stay in the waiting position. At present, the belt used in the chain belt type turning machine is usually a special toothed belt, and its structure is an inner fiber layer, and the outer layer is covered with a polyurethane protective layer. This structure can effectively protect the appearance of the chassis and at the same time make the turnover work smoothly. Since the turning stress points are usually arranged at the center points of the front and rear axles, the force distribution during the turning process is even, so it can effectively avoid the chassis bending and twisting caused by the turning process and other quality defects. However, the chain belt type turning machine also has some shortcomings, that is, the turning belt has a high value and a large loss; at the same time, because the belt and the chain have an open structure, the turning machine has a higher ground clearance, and the turning mechanism is usually arranged at a ground clearance. It is higher, about 7m.
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