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Car chassis flipping crane

2021-12-13 02:49 click:711
The overturning crane can adapt to the engineering overturning requirements of different specifications of goods, provide safe, stable and effective process transportation, and realize the goal of converting the goods from horizontal to vertical or vertical to horizontal. Widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, molds, papermaking, cold storage, steel belts, wire reels, barrels, coils and other industries.
Design principles of car chassis flipping crane:
In the locomotive industry, the manufacturing and assembly of wheels mainly include the following steps:
(1) Wheel processing and manufacturing;
(2) Installation of wheel accessories;
(3) Wheels are off the assembly line. At present, the processing and manufacturing of wheels can achieve fully automatic production. Due to technological reasons, part of the assembly process of the wheel accessories still requires manual participation. The manual palletizing off-line method is still retained when the wheels are off the assembly line. Therefore, according to the current situation, in order to realize the automatic roll-off of the wheels, it is necessary to realize the turning of the completed wheels in the horizontal state into the vertical state.
Structural design of automobile chassis flipping crane:
In order to realize the above-mentioned functions, combined with the existing logistics technology, a turning machine that can realize the palletizing of goods is designed. In the form of the traditional turning machine, the turning machine adds a lifting mechanism to have the function of palletizing goods. The lifting mechanism is controlled by a servo to meet the different palletizing needs of different pallets and different goods, and has strong adaptability. In addition, In the design, fully consider and combine the existing logistics technology level, so that the turning machine has the ability to dock with the existing logistics equipment.
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