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Car frame painting line crane crane turning machine

2021-12-15 04:00 click:659
The car frame coating line needs to be turned over during the production of the car frame, which is applied to the turning machine. The frame turning machine is also called the crane turning machine or the crane turning machine. The turning mechanism is suspended on the crane crane and the frame is lifted for 360 The degree is automatically flipped. The frame coating line turning machine is easy to operate, safe and efficient.
The frame turning machine is not only used in the car plate coating line, but also in different industries. The frame turning machine is widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, mold, papermaking, cold storage, steel belt, wire reel, barrel material, Coil and other industries. It can adapt to the engineering turnover requirements of goods of different specifications, and provide process transportation safely, smoothly and effectively!
The machine is equipped with an operating button station, which is divided into two operating modes, manual and automatic.
Advantages of car frame coating line turning machine:
1. The equipment adopts remote control operation, which has the characteristics of non-slip and non-reverse rotation of large-scale workpieces.
2. It has the function of rotating the workpiece and can be turned to any angle as required. It has the characteristics of simple operation, flexible and reliable use.
3. The equipment adopts remote control, the operator can stay away from the flipping work, and it has the characteristics of light lifting, light falling and flipping freely.
4. The equipment has the characteristics of light and flexible movement, no need to move large workpieces, and the equipment can be moved to the suspended and turned workpiece site to be turned over.
5. The equipment adopts the suspension chain to fix the suspended and flipped work piece.
6. The auxiliary groove wheel and lifting belt can be replaced for special workpieces, so that there are no lifting traces of the overturned workpiece.
7. The use of this equipment can improve the turnover efficiency and greatly reduce the cost for users.
8. This suspension type turning machine needs to be used as a supporting vehicle. In addition, a crane can also be used for field turning. As long as the device can be lifted, it can be turned freely, which is convenient and fast.
9. The equipment has the feature that it can be turned over without being restricted by the length, width, size and shape of the workpiece.
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