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china Semi-gantry Crane

2019-08-15 08:39 click:1442
Semi-gantry crane
It is a middle or small crane, used with CD,MD type hoist, travelling on rail.
This product is a regular crane, widely used in mechanical processing workshop for materials handling, outdoor place and warehouse for loading and unloading.
Under-beam has three-in-one motor , which can make more space for working.
We could also design the crane according to requirements for you.
Semi-gantry crane forms a complete set with electric hoist.
It is the best light crane, which is used in outdoor or workshop.
Technical Characteristics
the limiting size is the lowest between the top of crab and the track of trolley, 20%-30% less compared with traditional products
It has hard tooth face reducer , imported wire rope and three-in-me motor driven.
It is equipped with alarm device of overloading and traveling.
The electric panel can be used more than 2 million times when the voltage is 380v +5 ~-10%.
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