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Car Turnover Machine

2022-03-25 03:51 click:618
According to the different spreaders used, the car tray turning machine can be divided into chain turning machine and belt turning machine.
The pallet turning machine can adapt to the engineering turning requirements of different specifications of goods, and provide process transportation safely, smoothly and effectively. Widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, mold, papermaking, refrigeration, steel strip, wire reel, barrel, coil and other industries. Large round parts often need to be turned over during transportation and machining. The traditional method is generally to use the crane in the workshop to turn over, and the main tool is the wire rope. However, due to the large size and heavy weight of large circular simple parts, it is very difficult or even impossible to use the crane to turn over during processing and transportation, and this method of hoisting and transportation will cause damage to the finished cylindrical parts, and sometimes even Damage to the lifting wire rope poses a threat to the safety of parts, equipment and personnel. The frame turning machine needs to turn the frame and other assembled and connected assemblies by 180 degrees on the final assembly line, and the turned frame is placed to meet the subsequent assembly process. In the overturning station, the overturning machine not only needs to hang and lift the frame of several tons and the assembly and connection assemblies, but also to realize the overturning. For the frame turning machine, the frequency of use and dynamic load intensity on the assembly line are relatively large.
The 2-ton turning machine is an indispensable turning machine mechanism for workshop production! 
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