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Class 100 clean room crane

2022-01-15 02:01 click:915
Cleanliness refers to the degree of dust contained in the air in the air environment. In general, it refers to the number of particles greater than or equal to a certain particle size contained in a unit volume of air. The higher the dust content, the lower the cleanliness, and the lower the dust content, the higher the cleanliness.
The specific class 100 clean room crane, clean room crane, clean room crane, clean room crane, clean room aerial crane and other crane equipment that need to be used in the material handling of the class 100 standard clean room are based on It is developed and produced under the special requirements of the clean room, and meets the requirements of the cleanliness of the clean room.
The cleanliness levels of dust-free workshops are 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, and 300,000. The definition of class 100, class 1000, class 10,000 is that the number of dust particles with a diameter of not less than 0.5 μm contained in a unit cubic foot of air is not greater than 100, 1000, and 10,000 respectively. The most important role of the design and decoration of class 100 clean room It is to control the cleanliness, temperature and humidity of the atmosphere that the product comes into contact with, so that the product can be produced and manufactured in a good environment.
In the production design of Class 100 clean room cranes, taking into account the standards of Class 100 laboratories and designing according to the cleanliness of the clean room, when handling materials, the clean room crane can be dust-free, and the fine particles can be controlled within within the minimum range. Class 100 clean room cranes, cranes, aerial cranes and other crane equipment meet the requirements of class 100 clean rooms, and are usually used in electronics workshops, aerospace, photovoltaic workshops, biopharmaceuticals, chip production and other workshops.
Class 100 clean cranes control pollutants more strictly, and the cleanliness is higher, which is not available in ordinary cranes! 
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