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Classification of turning machines

2021-12-27 03:02 click:621
Classification of turning machines
According to the maximum flip angle
It can be divided into 90°turning machine and 180°turning machine;
According to its performance
It can be divided into steel coil turning machine, mold turning machine and plate turning machine;
According to its flipped goods
a. The steel coil turning machine realizes that the heavy steel coil is hoisted to the V-shaped surface of the turning machine, and the steel coil is placed flat on the pallet through 0-90° overturning.
b. The mold turning machine, when repairing large and medium-sized molds, realizes turning the mold 0-90°, which is convenient, labor-saving and safe to open, close and hoist the mold. It is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for the stamping workshop and an ideal equipment for repairing large molds.
c. The plate turning machine is a special equipment for the automotive industry. It is used for turning large thin plate stacks. It is a necessary auxiliary equipment for the stamping automation production line. It can not only reduce the surface scratches of the plate, improve the product quality, but also reduce the operator’s Labor intensity improves production efficiency.
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