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Clean room and dust-proof crane manufacturer customization

2022-03-11 02:36 click:820

Clean room and dust-proof crane  are customized by manufacturers, and special crane systems for clean rooms of different tonnages are customized. In the clean room environment, the cleanliness requirements are high, and the number of dust per square meter must reach a certain standard. Nickel-plated guide wheels are arranged between the electric hoist trolley and the lower flange plate of the track on the main beam, and the trolley wheels are nickel-plated. The electric hoist is equipped with a stainless steel dust cover and a stainless steel chain box to clean the components in the electric hoist such as sprockets and chains. , hooks, etc. are nickel-plated, and a closed telescopic organ cover is added to the hoist chain for protection. The outer surfaces of the main beam and the cart beam are coated with anti-static paint, a stainless steel towline box is supported on one side of the main beam, and a reinforced nylon towline is laid in the stainless steel towline box, and the flat power supply cable is placed in the towline. Inside, the shell of the electric control box in the power supply system is made of stainless steel plate, and the bottom of the drive motor required by the cart is provided with a stainless steel dust collecting box.

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