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Clean room column cantilever crane factory

2022-03-11 02:40 click:851

The clean room column cantilever crane is a non-standard customized thousand-level clean cantilever crane, IS0 Class7 clean cantilever crane, IS0 Class8 clean cantilever crane and other column-type clean cantilever cranes used in the production workshop. The working strength of the clean room cantilever crane is light. The crane consists of a column and is equipped with a clean chain hoist. The lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation by anchor bolts, and the cantilever rotation is driven by a cycloidal pinwheel reduction device. The beam runs in a straight line from left to right and lifts heavy objects. The jib of the crane is a hollow steel structure, which is light in weight, large in span, large in lifting capacity, economical and durable.

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