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Clean room crane 2 tons dust-free crane

2022-03-23 02:35 click:676
The clean room crane 2 ton dust-free crane is a kind of electric dust-free crane. The clean room crane is mostly used in the production workshop with strict requirements on the dust-free environment. The special crane for clean room is specially used for industrial clean room and biological clean room with strict requirements on cleanliness. The application environment of clean room cranes usually requires a high degree of cleanliness, and a large amount of dust is not allowed. The interior is generally dominated by white tones. According to the cleanliness, the special cranes for clean room are generally divided into one hundred, thousand, ten thousand and one hundred thousand. Class 100 has relatively high requirements for cleanliness, and class 100,000 has relatively low requirements for cleanliness. Cleanliness level The world's clean room cleanliness specifications include American standards, ISO standards, JIS standards, etc. According to different standards, the regulations on the volume and diameter of dust are not the same!
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