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Clean room cranes are used in dust-free environment

2022-03-11 02:43 click:694

Clean room cranes are used in dust-free and clean workshop environments.

Cleanrooms are widely used in high-tech fields and modern scientific fields such as electronics, aerospace, bioengineering, pharmaceuticals, precision machinery, chemical industry, food, machinery manufacturing, etc. In these application industries, cleanroom cranes are essential Lifting equipment, lifting in the clean room, moving heavy objects requires the use of cranes, clean room driving is different from the traditional crane driving, clean room crane is a new type of crane developed according to the specific requirements of the clean room , completely applied to cranes in clean and dust-free spaces.
Now, many industries have implemented clean room purification projects, which can remove (control) pollutants and dust in the air and create a clean and comfortable environment. Clean room lifting applications are mainly reflected in laboratories, food workshops, operating rooms, electronic workshops, biopharmaceuticals and other fields.
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