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Clean room dust-free crane system application

2022-03-24 04:35 click:478
The clean room dust-free crane system is used in the clean room environment. The dust-free crane has a variety of advantages, such as dust-proof and anti-residue falling off, and no dust is generated during operation. Dust-free crane is a kind of crane equipment that is clean and dust-proof. Clean electric hoist crane is a kind of crane suitable for dust-free environment, such as bioengineering, medical equipment, food, microelectronics, photovoltaic, injection molding, lithium battery , semiconductor and other industries, the use of clean and clean cranes has played a protective role in some production workshops with high requirements. Some dust-free industries have greater requirements for cleanliness in workshop production, and clean cranes meet the workshop's requirements for dust-free performance. . The lifting equipment in the clean room includes different forms of lifting equipment such as clean cranes, clean cantilever cranes, clean turning machines, clean KBK cranes, clean intelligent cranes, and dust-free cranes! The clean room crane refers to a relatively closed workshop, by supplying air, maintaining a certain amount of air supply, and maintaining a certain number of air circulation per hour, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop and the environment of temperature and humidity. The start of the mechanical operation can be completed. Heavy equipment, its internal temperature, humidity, and the amount of dust are strictly limited. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the lifting mechanism of the dust-free crane, a brake is installed on the high-speed shaft of the reducer. The bearing seat at one end of the support drum is equipped with a rising limiter, which is a safety device when the spreader rises to the limit position.