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Cleaning your cleanroom equipment is very important

2022-02-22 02:19 click:854
Cleaning your cleanroom equipment is very important. It reduces the amount of contamination during work and/or production processes and contributes to the durability of your lifting and hoisting equipment. It is therefore important that cleaning is done efficiently. In this blog, we will share some eye-opening tips.
1. Stainless or painted steel?
If you work in the wet industry, the answer is easy. Because the wet industry handles aggressive liquids like chemical cleaning agents, you should always use stainless steel. It won’t affect your surfaces as much.
If you work in the dry industry, the answer varies. The materials you process could be a decisive factor. For some, painted steel suffices. For others, stainless steel is preferable. Something to keep in mind about the latter: though stainless steel is stronger, it is also more brittle. And more expensive. That’s why we recommend taking time to compare and weigh the different options available to you.
2. Surface treatments
If you choose stainless steel, different treatments are available. Each resulting in different surface roughness. In general, the rule is: the finer the surface, the higher the costs. If you work with powders, you might want to consider a smooth surface that is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too smooth. Otherwise, it does the opposite of what you want and attracts powders through adhesion.
3. Why is surface treatment so important?
Multiple reasons! One of the most important ones: treatment ensures your surface is watertight (without holes and cracks). Micro bacteria could grow in those spaces, which is precisely what you don’t want. Of course, surface treatment has a lot more benefits. In our whitepaper, we provide more in-depth information about the different benefits.
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