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Combined self-supporting work cell crane

2022-03-21 04:08 click:633
Combined self-supporting work cell crane
The combined self-supporting crane generally has a lifting weight between 75kg and 2000kg, and the total length of the main beam is 10m. Beam: A horizontal beam in the support structure of the combined self-supporting crane, consisting of two channel steels back-to-back, where the fixed rails are suspended. Support structure: For combined self-supporting cranes, the support structure refers to the support assembly, also called the door post or terminal frame, which consists of uprights and beams.
Combined self-supporting crane Combined beam self-supporting crane can complete the most difficult overhead lifting tasks and can undertake frequent overhead material conveying work. It can be installed on any ordinary 15cm thick reinforced concrete ground without putting pressure on the roof structure of the building. It uses a prefabricated standard modular design structure, which can be easily expanded with the expansion of the center of the work cell, and is easy to install. , easy to move.
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