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Composition and classification of clean room

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Composition of clean room

The composition of the clean room is composed of the following systems (indispensable in the system elements), otherwise it will not be able to form a complete and high-quality clean room:
(1) Ceiling system: including ceiling rod, I-beam or U-beam, ceiling grid or ceiling frame.
(2) Air conditioning system: including air cabin, filter system, windmill, etc.
(3) Partition wall: including windows and doors.
(4) Floor: including elevated floor or anti-static Shumei floor.
(5) Lighting fixture: LED purification plane lamp.
The main structure of the clean room building is generally reinforced or bone cement, but no matter what structure, the following conditions must be met:
A. No cracks due to temperature change and vibration;
B. It is not easy to produce micro dust particles, and it is difficult to attach particles;
C. Low hygroscopicity;
D. In order to maintain indoor humidity conditions, thermal insulation should be high;
Classification by purpose
Industrial clean room
The control of inanimate particles is the object. It mainly controls the pollution of air dust particles to the working object, and generally maintains a positive pressure inside. It is applicable to precision machinery industry, electronic industry (semiconductor, integrated circuit, etc.), aerospace industry, high-purity chemical industry, atomic energy industry, optical and magnetic product industry (optical disc, film, tape production), LCD (liquid crystal glass), computer hard disk, computer magnetic head production and other industries.
Biological clean room
It mainly controls the pollution of living particles (bacteria) and inanimate particles (dust) to the working object. It can also be divided into;
A. General biological clean room: it mainly controls the pollution of microbial (bacterial) objects. At the same time, its internal materials should be able to withstand the erosion of various disinfectants, and the internal pressure is generally guaranteed. In essence, its internal materials should be an industrial clean room that can withstand various sterilization treatments. For example: pharmaceutical industry, hospital (operating room, sterile ward) food, cosmetics, beverage product production, animal laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory, blood station, etc.
B. Biological safety clean room: it mainly controls the pollution of living particles of the working object to the outside world and people. The interior shall maintain negative pressure with the atmosphere. Example: bacteriology, biology, clean laboratory, physical engineering (recombinant gene, vaccine preparation)
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