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Configuration characteristics of clean room crane in photoelectric workshop

2022-07-07 11:33 click:1043
With the promotion of national double carbon construction, the development of new energy optoelectronics is faster and faster. In the field of new energy, there are certain standards for the cleanliness of photoelectric production workshops. This special clean room environment is called clean room, and the crane used is called clean room crane.、
clean room crane
Considering the environmental factors, clean room crane usually adopts the double beam design, and the ring chain electric hoist is used as the lifting equipment. When selecting the above components, general wear-resistant materials should be used, and some components should not accumulate dust. In addition, proper periodic cleaning of the entrance platform should also be considered. Dustproof treatment has been carried out in the following places: with the development of new energy industry, clean room crane are also rapidly popularized and gradually standardized. We also need to seize this opportunity to promote the rapid development of clean room cranes.
Features of clean room crane:
1. Clean, wear-resistant, no dust generation, no dust accumulation, anti-static design
2. The working scale can be adjusted in a large range and the positioning is accurate
3. Low failure rate and high operation reliability
4. Stable operation, beautiful appearance, patented product
5. Maximize free space
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