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Container Turning Machine

2021-12-23 02:43 click:738
The container turning machine is used for the dumping and loading and unloading of various granular bulk materials such as grain, plastic, iron filings, mineral powder, coal, sugar, etc., and is suitable for various places such as railway freight yards, wharves, mines, grain depots, coal yards, etc. Convenient operation, fast packing speed, low operating cost, two people can operate the entire operating process, saving manpower, safe and reliable.
So how is the basic performance of the container turning machine reflected? Regarding the basic performance, let the container turning machine manufacturer take everyone to understand.
1. The container turning machine equipment adopts remote control operation, which has the characteristics of turning large workpieces in different lines without slipping and turning.
2. With the function of rotating the workpiece, it can be turned to any angle as required, and it is easy to operate, flexible and reliable in use.
3. The container turning machine equipment adopts remote control, the operator can stay away from the turning work, and it has the characteristics of light lifting, light falling and turning freely.
4. The container turning machine equipment has the characteristics of light and flexible movement, no need to move large workpieces, and the equipment can be moved to the suspended turning workpiece site to be turned over.
5. The box turning machine adopts the suspension chain to fix the suspended and turn the workpiece.
6. For special workpieces, auxiliary groove wheels and lifting belts can be replaced, so that the overturned workpieces can have no lifting traces.
7. The use of container turning machines can improve turning efficiency and greatly reduce costs for users.
8. The suspension type turning machine needs to be used as a supporting vehicle, and it can also be turned over in the field by a crane. As long as the equipment can be lifted, it can be turned freely, which is convenient and fast.
9. The container turning machine equipment has the feature that it can be turned without being restricted by the length, width, size and shape of the workpiece.
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