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Crane Travelling Wheel Block for End Carriages

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KFCS Wheel blocks provide the basic drive system for top running end carriage for crane or hoist trolley. Wheels are easily dismounted on site for quick maintenance.

Outstanding Features of Travelling Wheel Blocks

• Compact design and wide range of products for use with a wide spectrum of loads from 500 kg to 40 tons.

• Five standard configurations are available for mounting wheel blocks on existing structures design to be motorized (hoist trolleys, end carriages on crane,...).

• Diversified Assembly Options: we offer diversified assembly to meet technical specifications as much as possible, and connections are available through bolting, welding, or simple recessing of the wheel block.

Crane Traveling Wheels

The travel drive wheel is made of forged steel, which allows for silent operation while also respecting the guiding square on the runway, helping to reduce wear and prevent deterioration. The wheel is guided by grooves, and the life-lubricated bearings are protected from exterior stress sources such as dust and moisture. Additionally, the bearings require no routine maintenance and are housed inside the wheel to ensure their longevity.

• Easy to check and changing to wheel grooves and bearing in maintenance operations.

KFCS end carriages are compact rail-mounted travel units with variable options for connection to crane girders and other load-bearing structures. The end carriages consist of a torsionally rigid box-section profile. Our wheel blocks, and geared motors, end carriages can be used for all single-girder and double-girder overhead travelling cranes.

Options of Crane Traveling Wheels

• 4 Wheel drive (2 drives per travelling gear on request)

• End carriages with guide rollers/derailment protection on request

When using KFCS end carriages, it's important to consider the vertical wheel pressure, skewing forces, buffer forces, and guide roller forces. The whole set end carriage with wheel blocks are customized in our factory.

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