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Crawler type small tonnage turning machine

2022-01-14 02:07 click:604
Crawler type small tonnage overturning machine manufacturers, the crawler mold overturning machine can adapt to the engineering overturning requirements of goods of different specifications, provide process transportation safely, smoothly and effectively, and realize the conversion of goods from horizontal to vertical or vertical to horizontal. job target. Widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, mold, papermaking, refrigeration, steel strip, wire reel, barrel, coil and other industries.
The mold turning machine can realize 180-degree, 360-degree turning at different angles. It adopts new technology to lift and turn, crawler-type lifting and turning, and the lifting and turning are integrated. It is easy to operate, save time and cost, and improve work efficiency.
The flipping machine is widely used and can be used in many industries and places, and can be customized for flipping cranes of different tonnages!
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