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Customize design processed polyurethane fork coated-rubber wheel

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Classification of forklift tires: pneumatic tires, cushion/solid tires, polyurethane wheels, foam-filled tires, non-marking tires
Polyurethane tires are made of high-density plastic. These are low-profile tires that improve the stability of fixed equipment. It is most often found on warehouse equipment and used for indoor smooth surfaces. Their cushions on the tires last longer. Polyurethane tires can carry more weight and are common in electric equipment because they carry the extra battery weight. Once these tires have reached the minimum wear mark, replace the tires.
Air cushion/solid tires are made of solid rubber without air cushioning. These can last a long time and are puncture-resistant without air-filled rubber. The rim and the rubber tire are used separately to form a double-bolt fit with the axle. They are most commonly used in compact industrial forklifts and are most suitable for indoor smooth surface applications, but they are also suitable for light outdoor use. Solid tires are also used to take advantage of tighter cornering capabilities in applications. Solid tires usually last twice as long as pneumatic tires. Once these tires have reached the minimum wear mark, replace the tires.
For special requirements, foam-filled tires can be installed on forklifts. These tires are filled with a specially formulated resin that can change the driving characteristics of the forklift. The tires are made of special machinery and materials. If your work space is prone to tire blowouts, this may be a solution to reduce the frequency of tire replacement.
Can be cstomized accroding to your needs.

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