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Design features of load turning crane

2022-01-04 03:25 click:798
Chain suspension electric load turning crane, design features: adjustable opening, can be adapted to different lengths of workpieces; even turning speed, effectively protecting the workpiece; high turning efficiency; reducing labor intensity and protecting the safety of operators; convenient operation and maintenance, yes Attached as a workshop crane for work, does not occupy a fixed working area. Application: This kind of box turning machine is used for turning and closing sand boxes in foundry workshops, inclined spraying of flow-coated sand boxes, turning over molds in mold workshops, tooling turning, turning over machining large and heavy workpieces, etc. The series of more than the following parameters can be customized.
The design features of the cloth belt suspension electric load turning crane: it has the turning function; it can be attached to the work of the crane in the workshop, and does not occupy a fixed working area. Application scope: This product is mainly used in the workplace where all kinds of regular or irregular shaped workpieces are finished or painted.

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